Welcome to Randers Library

This is an introduction to the libraries in Randers, but it is not a complete English version of the Danish website.
Randers Library consists of a main library in Randers, 2 local libraries in the municipality of Randers, 1 mobile library and a local library in Langå.
Joining and using the library is free and for everyone - children and adults.
Among other things Randers Library lets you:
  • check out books in more than 30 different languages
  • download audio books and e-books
  • check out games for both children and adults
  • check out music CDs and films on DVD and Blu-ray
  • check out music and films or stream them online
  • use our licensed databases, such as Gyldendals røde ordbøger (bilingual dictionaries)
  • read newspapers and magazines in many different languages at the library and online
  • use our computers with free internet access or use our wireless network with your own laptop or smartphone
  • use the library as a social meeting place
  • participate in the library's cultural events for children, adults and families.
We look forward to seeing you here!
New user
Everyone is welcome at the libraries in Randers but you have to register in order to check out materials from the Library. Registration is done through personal application to the library free of charge. Please bring your health insurance card (sundhedskort). You can also register from home, using your NemId.
By registering, you also agree to follow the library rules and regulations.
Library card and PIN code
Your health insurance card functions as your library card. If you do not wish to use your health insurance card you can get a library card issued by Randers Library by showing valid identification. If you are under 18 years, you must have your parents' written permission to get a library card.
Change of address must be reported to Randers Library. New mobile phone number or e-mail address must be changed in account settings on our website. If you lose your library card, you must inform the library as soon as possible. This will allow us to block any further loans on your card and prevent unauthorized use. You can reach Randers Library at 87 10 68 00.
At the time of registration, you choose a PIN code to use for self-service at the library and here on the website. You can, for example, use the PIN code to make reservations,check out materials, renewals, or sign up for our news service. The PIN code consists of 4 digits of your own choice. Should you forget your PIN code, contact the library personnel at the front desk who can help you set a new code.
How to check out materials
To check out materials from Randers Library you must either present your library card or enter your social security number (CPR number) on a self-service machine's keypad. You check out materials by using one of the self-service machines. After registering your loans, the machine prints a loan receipt. The receipt tells you which material(s) you have checked out and the due date(s). When you return your materials you also get a receipt. The return receipt tells you which materials you have returned and serves as your proof of return.
The normal loan period is 28 days. Certain types of material have a loan period of 7 or 14 days. The loan period is indicated on the loan receipt. Your loans can be renewed if the material is not reserved by another user. 7-days loans and quick loans cannot be renewed, except 7-days DVD films. You can sign up for a service to receive a reminder by SMS or e-mail 3 days before the material is due to be returned.
You are responsible for all materials checked out with your library card.
Please notice: Randers Library accepts no responsibility for damages to your music or computer equipment caused by checked out material, neither on hardware nor on software.
Use of our website
As a registered user, you can log into our website - using your CPR number or library card number and PIN code - to access a number of service options, such as to check loan status, see and make reservations, renew loan periods and much more. Please notice that this part of our website is in Danish.
Account settings
In your account settings you can: change your contact information, enter your e-mail address or mobile phone number to sign up for alerts regarding your reservations and due date, change your PIN code, and enter vacation dates in order to maintain your waiting list priority.
Loan status
Check on due dates and extend loan periods, choose place of collection - the Main Library, a local library etc. - check your reservations or delete them.
Due dates
The due date can be printed on the loan receipt, and can be seen on the website in your account. You can sign up for SMS or email services that will send you a reminder 3 days before the material's due date.
If the material is not reserved by another user, you can renew the loan. Please note that you can only renew materials within seven days of the return date.
You can place a reservation on any material you find in the library catalogue. If we do not have a specific material, we can order it from another library at no charge to you. You will receive a notification when the reserved material is available for pick up at your chosen place of collection. Remember that only the person who made the reservation will be able to check out the reserved material. So if you want to pick up materials reserved by, for instance, your spouse, significant other or child, you will need that persons CPR-number and personal pin code to do so.
Return of materials outside opening hours
Outside opening hours materials can be returned in the box to the left of the entrance to the Main Library. The box can only be used outside the Main Library's opening hours. Material returned via the box is registered as returned on the following opening day. You can also return material borrowed from the local libraries as well as the mobile library.
Late fees and lost/damaged material
If you return a material late, you will have to pay a fee according to current rates. Fees are collected in accordance with The Libraries Act §21. See current rates here.
You are responsible for materials borrowed with your library card/health card and will have to pay a compensation fee if any material is damaged or lost. If you find the lost material, the compensation fee will be refunded by show of the original receipt of compensation.
Please notice: Your right to check out materials from Randers Library will be suspended if you owe the library more than 200 kr. in fees. The library will send a 7-day written notice before exclusion. Unpaid fees will be turned over to debt collection with ensuing costs added to your debt. Your right to check out materials from the library will be restored to you when your fees have been paid.
Please Notice: Show respect for other people when you use the library. Follow the rules of the library as well as instructions from the staff at all times or you will risk suspension from the library for a period of time determined by the nature of the offense.
Computers and internet access
We offer free access to the Internet. You can either bring your own laptop or use one of the many public computers available in the library.
Free internet access
At both the Main Library and the smaller, local libraries, you can use our computers to access the internet free of charge. There's no booking requirement and no reservations necessary. Simply find an available computer and use it for as long as you need.
Some of the computers offer access to a scanner and most of the computers allow you to print from them as well.
WiFi access
You can access our wireless network with your own laptop at the Main and local libraries free of charge. WiFi also gives you access to our many lincensed databases. For more information please contact a staff member.
Please notice: All use must comply with Danish legislation. Search and chat related to racism or pornography are strictly forbidden. Randers Library accepts no responsibility for incorrect information or any computer virus that you may download from the Internet.
Library fees and prices
Check out prices for printouts, photocopies or a new library card. 
Check out fees when materials are returned late
Ethnic minorities
Randers Library offers a wide range of materials to members of ethnic minorities: materials in many languages - including books for children, newspapers from all over the world and information about Randers and Denmark. 
Foreign language materials
Randers Library has a collection of books, music and films in several languages. For more information on specific languages, please click here for books, for music and for films.
At the Main Library, we also keep a range of newspapers and magazines in different languages. Our selection of newspapers comprises Akhbar, The Guardian, Haber, Hürriyet and Sermitsiaq among others. Furthermore Randers Library offers you access to Library PressDisplay which gives online access to more than 1700 newspapers from 92 countries and in 48 different languages.
Opening hours
Closing days
The Main Library and the mobile library are closed on national holidays, Easter Saturday, June 5, December 24 and December 31 all day and May 1 from 12.00. The local libraries are without staff service on these dates.
In addition, the mobile library is not in service on national holidays, Monday-Wednesday in the week leading up to Easter, May 1, all of July, and between Christmas and New Year.