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János Starker, a lesson in music : a portrait of the Hungarian cellist and teacher János Starker

Summary: Underneath the apparent aloofness of the Hungarian cellist János Starker, lies a profound sensitivity to music and a warm generosity. His elegance springs from his deep sense of rigour and asceticism. Both in teaching and in performance he is extremely mindful of every aspect of playing: the position of the body, breath, movement and sound ... His devotion to teaching provides the key to his philosophy and vision of music. "I know who I am, I know what I am doing. And what I am doing is not important in the self-assurance issue. I don't have to be reassured by somebody saying "you are great" or giving me prizes. I am only interested in doing something. This is for the sake of music and for the sake of musicians of the future. I am serving a cause. And I'm serving a cause for personal reasons, because the fact that I survived all the horrors that others didn't puts a duty on me. Devoir."