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Af Jules Verne (2012)
Summary: An unmarried by mathematically precise Englishman dismisses his valet for heating his shaving water two degrees cooler than usual. He hires a French valet to replace him and the two of them set off to travel around the world in eighty days - a supposedly possible feat, now that the Indian railways have been built. If they succeed they will win a fortune off the other members of the Reform Club
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Af Jules Verne (2009)
Summary: Take a thrilling whirlwind trip around the world with Phileas Fogg! When Fogg—a man of habit whose every day is just like the one before—makes a bet that he can circle the globe and be back in his men's club in just 80 days, the race is on. Jules Verne's classic tale bubbles with excitement, suspense, and colorful locations
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Af Jules Verne (2011)
I 1872 vædder englænderen Phileas Fogg hele sin formue på, at han kan rejse jorden rundt på 80 dage