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Af Marcia Willett (2010)
Summary: Once broken up, can a family ever be mended again? Jolyon Chadwick, a famous television presenter, takes his new girlfriend Henrietta home meet his extended family - and also to meet Marie, the mother who deserted him and his father many years ago, now re-appeared and seeming to want forgiveness. Jolyon, however, is not in the mood for forgiveness - although his father Hal, now married to his cousin and childhood sweetheart, feels a lingering guilt about Marie and wants them all to be friends. And Henrietta, still vulnerable from the break-up of her own parents' marriage, is not sure whether she can move on
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Af Marcia Willett (2010)
På Chadwick-slægtens herresæde The Keep lever flere generationer. Den unge Jolyon bliver forelsket, men tør han tro på kærligheden? Og kan fortidens synder tilgives?